Super Shark

Roger patrols the Andros Reef in The Bahamas helping people and stopping environmental damage. He plays a super hero, but he’s knows it’s only a game. He wears his Super Shark mask so he can do his job. But when the mask tears while he fights with criminals who are dumping tires in the reef, he must get his mask fixed. He must go on a long journey to get a new mask. Follow Roger on his journey through the Windward Passage and the Cayman Trench as he makes his way to the Belize Reef where he makes new friends and learns his own strengths.

Illustration drafts:


Written by Marie Etzler

See how his adventures begin! Read:

Super Shark Chapter 1

Testing out illustrations of Roger in his Super Shark mask:


Feedback so far is that these illustrations imply a younger audience than the story itself. While I really like these drawings, this is not a picture book.


Also in the works:

  • a companion booklet, “Roger’s Reef Guide”, a non-fiction workbook of reef facts, games and activities
  • I’ve also sketched out a “Reef Maze” game for mobile phones and tablets,
  •  Two fun, interactive ebooks –  “Rebuild the Reef” and “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery”



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