In Memoriam: Greg Horne

My brother-in-law, Greg Horne, died on September 15, 2014. He was the person who introduced me to WordPress in 2007, back when there wasn’t much user documentation written for non-technical people. You had to type in your own HTML code to insert links. WordPress has come a long way. Greg was always helpful when I had questions back then.

Here’s a photo of him and my sister at Yesteryear Village, near the Morikami Gardens in Florida, 2006:

MorikamiWe all went to the Japanese gardens at Morikami that day too. He liked to take photographs. Here are a few:

MorikamiDid you see the little green lizard?

Morikami-lakeMay he rest in peace.


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Van Morrison singing “Comfortably Numb”

I heard this song in the film “The Departed,” and it stuck with me for days, so I looked it up and found this video of the live performance:

Van Morrison is singing with member of The Band and with Roger Waters during the Berlin performance of The Wall, the Pink Floyd album. Van Morrison’s phrasing is slightly different than the original studio version. He conveys a sense of loss from a larger distance that adds a poignancy to the song that is more pronounced than in the original. The original is great, no doubt, but this one adds another layer of interpretation to the song, one that adds more depth. Enjoy the video.

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Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

The older I get, the more I enjoying listening to Kurt Vonnegut:


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Japanese Garden up for sale: Property left to UCLA now on sale

I remember visiting the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden in about 1991-92 and being completely taken with how wonderful it was. Now it’s in danger. . .

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Saving Mighty Lions

Kevin Richardson lions

A man lying down with a lion!

The video grabbed by attention and raised my awareness that lions and other wildlife in Africa aren’t just roaming around, living their normal life as they were meant to. Habitat is lost, poachers come into the animals’ territory, and the animals numbers are dwindling.

Preserves and conservation lands are the only places left. This conservation effort by Kevin Richardson is highlighted in these amazing GoPro camera videos.  They certainly did it right – capture people’s attention first and then inform them about the issues. Obviously Richardson has a highly unusual relationship with these few lions. I hope he is able to have this positive relationship with these lions their whole lives and continue to be their advocate. Seeing the video led me to find out more about him and what he’s doing to help the wildlife and to donate. Since then, I’ve received a receipt for my donation and a kind Thank You email message. Here is his website:

As a kid in the 1970’s, I was inspired by the Born Free film about Elsa the lion. I wanted to travel to Africa to be a conservationist. I was only 7 and had no idea what that entailed. I admired Jane Goodall and Diane Fosey. I’m so glad someone is able to be there and help preserve something of our ecosystem. I am writing stories now for kids about conserving our ocean and the Everglades, beautiful areas near me. I hope my small part makes a positive contribution and motivates others to preserve our natural world.

I encourage you to watch the video.

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My Dalmatian: The Bondo Book

I had this photo book made about my dog, Bond (aka “Bondo”):

I just wanted to share some photos from over the years of our dog. He was always a very active dog. I took him to the dog park every weekend for years. He had a great time. He also loved running around in the backyard, patrolling for lizards, birds and squirrels. Thankfully he never caught one.

He was my buddy, my pal and my shadow. He was always interested in everything I was doing, even if it was just cleaning the bathroom. He was a crazy puppy, but establishing a routine kept him happy. I was very happy to have him in my life for 13 years. I will always miss him.

We adopted him from the Dalmatian Rescue of Miami, a well-run shelter by very caring people. We attended the picnics a few times and had our picture taken on the old fire truck – you gotta do that!

Fire truck

In this photo, he was 3 years old:

My Dalmatian


Nov. 2000 to Nov. 2013

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Try Some Lionfish at the John Offerdahl Grill-Off in Pompano Beach

Saturday Nov. 9, 2013

1 pm to 6 pm

John Offerdahl Grill-Off in Pompano Beach

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation will be there to bring attention to the harm that lionfish cause the reef. The chef at the Grill Off will be serving up lionfish samples. There will also be Seafood Guides handed out that explain sustainable seafood.

From the Foundation:

Lionfish are an invasive species that present an immediate threat to our coral reefs. For one thing, they are voracious eaters and are depleting reefs of native fish, like juvenile snappers and parrot fish. Parrot fish are important because they keep reef flora healthy.

We believe containing the lionfish invasion is imperative, and want to incentivize divers to catch lionfish. One way is to have divers sell their caught lionfish to restaurants to serve lionfish. Lionfish is actually quite tasty, and creating a culinary appetite for it might also bolster our efforts to get people to lay off more endangered fish.”

Check out the event and menus:

Common lionfish (Pterois miles) at Shaab El Erg reef in the Egyptian Red Sea. Photo credit: Alexander Vasenin. Wikipedia.

Common lionfish (Pterois miles) at Shaab El Erg reef in the Egyptian Red Sea. Photo credit: Alexander Vasenin. Wikipedia.

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