Gracie Gator

Gracie Gator and Friends: Adventures in the Everglades – the new series of children’s stories I’m writing:

Illustration of Gracie Gator and Friends: Adventures in the Everglades

The series “Gracie Gator and Friends: Adventures in the Everglades” aims to entertain and educate children between 4 to 9 years by bringing them into the world of the Florida Everglades where Gracie, her sister Claudia and friend Allie have fun, help friends solve mysteries and protect the environment.

The pilot episode, “Gracie Builds a Fort,” starts the series arc of Gracie learning about her destiny to be a great detective who helps preserve the Everglades.

Her younger sister, Claudia, wants to be a movie star. Gracie’s best friend, Allie, wants to be a fitness trainer.

Themes include learning the value of the Everglades, ecology, and girl empowerment. It’s like “Charlie’s Angels” but for kids.

The stories in the series include:

  • Gracie Builds a Fort
  • The Case of the Missing Necklace
  • Trip to the Lake
  • I Dare You!
  • Search for Buried Treasure
  • Return of the Python

I envision this as a whole ecosystem of related fun: Interactive ebooks and print books, a non-fiction “Gracie’s Guide to Flowers”, 3-D printer toys, apps and games, and educational activity sheets for parents and teachers.

Check out the 3-D printed toy!


The detail that can print is amazing!


It’s very light because it’s printed hollow inside.



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