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Here are the magazines where I’ve been published, as well as some samples of my writing work I have done for companies I’ve worked for such as ad agencies and tech companies.

This is the first piece I sold when I was 19 years old:

Seventeen Magazine


My first published piece – quite a while ago – scanned and saved from the original paper magazine.

Other Writing Samples:

A case study I wrote for Magaya Corporation, the logistics software provider. This case study profiles a freight forwarding company, AMT, in Houston that ships oil supplies to West Africa:

AMT case study


Here is an article I wrote for an online writer’s site, It’s about taking and giving advice in writer critique groups. My article is on page 3 and it titled “That ‘Error’ May Be the Truth”:

Working Writer article

While a student at Florida International University (FIU), I started a student literary magazine called “Bayside”:

Bayside Magazine


The following links are the pages of the article I wrote about the Yankee Freedom II catamaran and the dog Salty. The catamaran leaves Key West for the Dry Tortugas, about a 2 hour trip. Salty was co-pilot to Capt. Rick. Sadly Salty passed away. Here are some great photos and a view of a nice dog’s life:


Salty, page-1; Salty page-2; Salty page-3; Salty page-4

This is a review of some books for Florida Dog:


South Florida CEO magazine:

The following is an article I wrote for the June 2007 issue of South Florida CEO magazine. I did a profile of the CEO of Memorial Healthcare System and the bicycle team he and others started, Team Memorial:

South Florida CEO magazine article June 2007

I wrote the following editorial for Davie Expressions magazine as part of the work I have been doing to build a dog park in Davie, FL:

Davie Dog Park Editorial

This link shows an article I did while in graduate school for the university publication, G&B Quarterly:

G&B Quarterly

Ad Copy:

Below are some advertising copy writing samples of work I did for a travel ad agency:


Ski Brochure cover

Ski brochure ad copy page

Hawaii brochure cover

Hawaii ad copy 1

Hawaii ad copy 2

Caribbean brochure ad copy 2

Europe brochure ad copy 1



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