I Hope the Russian Bread isn’t Stale

January 27, 2017 at 3:37 am Leave a comment

When the economy slows down, we can all get jobs building the pipeline. Then we can get jobs cleaning up the toxic spills from the pipeline. Then we can get jobs burying the bodies of the animals and people killed by the toxins. Oh, wait, we’ll be dead by then from working in contact with the toxins because the EPA will be run by a guy who removes all protections. Neither we nor our families will be able to sue or get any financial reparations or help because they will probably change the laws to make it unlawful to sue. Then there won’t be any medical treatment for the illnesses because the hospitals will have closed due to lack of funds after the ACA is ended. The oil pipeline construction companies won’t offer healthcare or have other labor laws in place to help workers. After spills from pipeline that runs through farm land destroys crops, there won’t be any food to eat. We’ll need to import food, but no one will sell us any because the asshole in Washington will have alienated every other country, except Russia. I hope the Russian bread isn’t stale by the time it gets here. I’m sure the asshole in Washington eats the finest caviar – imported of course. Why would he follow his own “buy American” command?




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