Why I miss Downton Abbey on Sunday Nights

April 10, 2016 at 8:30 pm Leave a comment

Since “Downton Abbey” ended, I realized that I had a ritual on Sunday nights to watch it. I’d finish whatever else I was doing, maybe make something to drink and a snack, take the dogs out so they hopefully wouldn’t need to go out again for the next 1 – 2 hours, and then I could sit down undisturbed and watch the show.

I would watch it in the bedroom because my husband was usually watching something else in the living room. He absolutely did not want to watch Downton Abbey. No way. Yes, he’s great, but it can be – let’s use the word –  “challenging” to watch a show or movie with him because he often talks over the dialog. Then I have to tell him to stop, then he gets annoyed, and who needs that?

That worked out fine because I realized one of the benefits of watching the show was the “me time” it gave me. I’d rather go in another room, shut the door, relax and see what evil thing Mary was going to do next; what situation Robert Grantham was going to let slide; what Anna was going to hide from Mr. Bates; what hilarious acerbic thing Lady Grantham would say; or any other number of plots and subplots.


Then on Monday I’d call my mom and we go back and forth saying things like, “Can you believe what she did?” or “I can’t stand him!” and on and on. It was fun.

Now I call up and we talk about the weather. Ho hum.

Now my husband watches some some fishing show and talks to the TV and then to me and then to the TV again.

So I found a new way to have “Me Time” – I’m writing my own story!


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